History of the Tie

HistoryHistory of the Tie

Dating back to the time period of King Louis XIV of France, the tie has been worn as an added feature to clothing. The history of the tie was a part of the Industrial Revolution time period as well. 17th century soldiers are known to have worn a type of bow-tie along with their uniforms. The necktie tradition has been around for many years.

The history of the tie is also seen around the 1860's in America and even in Europe. The tie is chosen mostly as an added decoration. Many designers often wait until an outfit has been completely designed before adding a tie to it. The tie, though easily made and created often makes the outfit complete. A striped tie or a tie of a special color can add much to the outfit. Throughout history, the tie has been selected as decoration to band uniforms, school uniforms, and military uniforms. The tie is one accessory that has passed throughout the generations as something necessary for clothing.

Neckties are popular even today. When they first became popular the tie was a sign of wealth and high rank. Today, they are not a symbol of wealth, and even women choose to wear them as a decoration. The tie is worn to dress up an outfit, add color or pattern to an outfit, and enhance an outfit being worn. The tie is a clothing accessory which has been around a long time and will probably always be in style. Today the variety and assortment of neckties is huge and there is a style for every person.

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